How do I pay my tax due?

When you enter your filing instructions, you’ll be asked if you wish to pay your federal tax due by authorizing a direct debit to your bank account or writing a paper check and mailing it. Another option is to pay the tax online through the IRS website.

Pay by ACH Debit: This allows the IRS to charge the tax due directly from your bank account. There is no additional fee for this payment method. You will need to enter your bank account number and routing number. Before April 15, you may enter an authorization date for the charge as late as April 15. After April 15, you must authorize the charge for the current date. Confirm payment is made with your bank. We are not notified if incorrect bank account numbers or other problems cause a payment to fail.

Pay by credit card: Additional fees apply for this service. You can use your Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, or American Express to pay your federal income tax due. To have your tax due paid by credit card, you will enter your credit card information, the date you authorize payment, and the amount. A third party will handle the charge to your account, and you will be charged a fee. The fee will show up as a separate charge on your credit card bill. Payment of the tax due will show as a payment to the U.S. Treasury. Although your authorization to pay will be made before you submit your tax return, the payment will not be processed until the IRS accepts the tax return. As a result, you may find a hold for the amount of payment you authorized is established on your account between the time you submit the return and the IRS accepts the return and processes the payment.

Mailing your paper check: A voucher will be available to print with your other tax documents, AFTER your return is accepted. Print the voucher, write your social security number on your payment, and mail them together to the address on the voucher.

Ask for an Installment Agreement: If you can’t pay all of the tax that is due by April 15, you can complete Form 9465 at the IRS website for an installment agreement. You could also make a full payment at the IRS website: Here.